Spring is a Java framework, the most popular one. It is the framework for building the web. Fun fact, Spring popularity beat Java.

Spring is like a giant puzzle, and the pieces are scattered everywhere. It's like trying to put together a maze blindfolded, with no idea where the details go or what the final image looks like.

But somehow, despite all the challenges, Spring manages to come together and create something beautiful. It's like a miracle, except it's not.

You can visit https://spring.io.

Spring came as an alternative to Java Enterprise. It is more light and friendly than Java Enterprise.

But make sure to be aware of Spring's complexity - it's actually a friendly and welcoming framework once you get to know it. It's like a big, cuddly bear that may seem intimidating at first, but is really just a big softie at heart.

It's just the result of hard work and dedication from the Spring team and community.

Why Spring?

You will lose if you want to learn about Spring and visit the Spring website. Spring is enormous, and the onboarding process could be better.

When I first visited the website and learned about Spring, I could not differentiate between Spring Framework and Spring Boot.

How do I start? that is the very first question. That is no easy up-and-running Hello World like in Rails.

Spring vs. Spring Boot

In the Spring onboarding process, we will introduced to Spring Boot. Spring Boot is a layer that sits on top of the Spring framework. It is designed to make it easier to create and deploy Spring-based applications.

Spring Boot simplifies the process of setting up and configuring a Spring application by providing a set of default configurations and starter dependencies...

...This makes it easier to get up and running with a new Spring application, as you don't need to manually set up and configure all the different components of the Spring framework.

In short, Spring is the framework, and Spring Boot is a layer that sits on top of the framework and makes it easier to use.

Before Spring Boot, up and running Spring is not easy; too much boilerplate. So Spring made the Spring Boot to make it easier for onboarding...

...And Spring ecosystem is enormous, which is why it is so popular. Spring philosophy is not reinventing the wheel but uses other libraries on top of it, like JPA, Hibernate, etc.

Even though it can sometimes be overwhelming, the payoff is worth it. With Spring, you can build just about anything, from simple web applications to complex, enterprise-level systems.

Spring Boot It's like the Swiss Army knife of frameworks, with a tool for every occasion.

So if you're feeling a little intimidated by Spring, don't worry. Just take it one piece at a time, and eventually, you'll see the whole picture.

And you might even have a little fun along the way. But if you're still feeling lost, you can always ask for help - there's a massive community of Spring developers out there who are more than willing to lend a helping hand.

So don't be afraid to reach out and ask for guidance. After all, that's what the community is for!